Dogfight! World War One Aircraft Displays

One of the best DVDs you can buy if you're interested in WW1 aircraft...

The Vintage Aviator's collection of World War One aircraft continues to grow, and periodically these amazing aircraft are put on display for the public to see, hear and smell. The video clip below highlights the more than two hours of incredible vintage aviation available on this disk.

The Sopwith Snipe was the late-war successor to the Sopwith Camel but by the end of the war only a couple of squadrons had been re-equipped with the aircraft. The Snipe stayed on in R.A.F. service until 1926. The TVAL-built aircraft shown above is now part of Kermit Weeks' Fantasy Of Flight collection in the USA.   Photo: © Alex Mitchell, HAFU    Pilot: Gene De Marco, TVAL


Available on DVD & High Definition Blu-Ray Disk, or Streaming Online

It's not possible to provide you with the smell (of castor oil), but this disk does provide the chance to see and hear some of the great airshow displays that The Vintage Aviator Ltd has put on for its fans over the past few years.

From the sedate early war Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2's and Nieuport 11, to the mid-war R.A.F. F.E.2b's and Albatros D.II, through to the late-war Sopwith Snipes and Fokker D.VIII's, the displays that TVAL puts on at its base at Hood Aerodrome in Masterton (New Zealand) are always entertaining, and often surprising -- especially for those who are not accustomed to seeing aircraft from such an early part of aviation history.

Engine Only Soundtrack: As with many of the disks produced by HAFU, one brilliant feature of this one is the ability to turn the narration and interviews OFF during all of the aircraft display sequences -- this means you have the ability to enjoy just the sound of the aircraft and their incredible engines if you wish.

This video shows a selection of clips of the amazing World War One aircraft which are part of the The Vintage Aviator Collection, and which are included on this DVD.

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You can obtain the DVD or Blu-Ray directly from the Historical Aviation Film Unit's online store , or if you want to stream the contents you can subscribe to HAFU's Online Machine Channel HD -- a subscription channel that gives you access to many hours of High Definition streaming aviation video material.

The disk features displays of the following aircraft :
* Fokker Dr.1 Triplane

* Fokker D.VII

* Fokker D.VIII

* Nieuport N.11

* Pfalz D.III

* Albatros D.II

* Albatros

* Avro 504k

* Airco DH.5

* Sopwith Triplane

* Sopwith Pup

* Sopwith Camel

* Sopwith Snipe

* Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2

* Royal Aircraft Factory F.E.2b

* Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.8

* Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5a


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