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The Historical Aviation Film Unit now has the ability to automatically send you a short Video email message, with a link to a single video clip, anywhere from one to seven times a week! You can even customise the time of day you get the messages to suit your own viewing preferences -- that way you'll always receive the emails at the most convenient day of the week, and the time of the day, for you to watch the video (without getting into trouble from your boss or partner)! Click Here To Sign Up

The Historical Aviation Film Unit's online video channel contains well over 1000 high quality aviation, motorsport, and military vehicle video clips for your enjoyment. Click here to check some of them out and then sign up for our Video By Email service.   Photo: © Historical Aviation Film Unit


You Choose Your Own Viewing Schedule

As shown in the video clip below, when you sign up for our unique Video By Email service you'll have the ability to choose which days of the week the email gets sent to -- you can elect to receive the messages on only one, or up to all seven days of the week.

Additionally you can specify what time of day that the messages will be sent to you -- this is your local time, not ours. Our systems will work out what time zone you're in (based on the zone set on your computer when you signup for the service), and we'll ensure that we send out the emails to you, at the appropriate time, so that you receive it at a time of day that best suits you.

Click Here To Sign Up To The Video By Email Service

No more will you miss out on some of the best videos on our channel simply because you haven't had time to log into your YouTube account and check out what we've been uploading since you last looked. Now you'll get a reminder email message at least once a week, that has a direct link to one of our recent videos, sent to you at a day and time that is most convenient to you.

Plus, for those of you who don't have a YouTube account, meaning that you can't actually 'subscribe' to our channel within YouTube, this service means you're regularly updated about our new videos without the need to actually signup to YouTube itself!

Check out this introductory video which describes our Video By Email service, and steps you through how you can signup and customise your viewing schedule.

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Peridocially we may also include some brief snippets of news from the warbirds and vintage aviation community that may have come to our attention.

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