On The Wheels Of History (Book) - only NZ$25 + p&p

The Military Vehicle & Artillery Collection Of The National Army Museum (NZ)

We're pleased to announce the release of our new book, 'On The Wheels Of History', which is a comprehensive pictorial guide and catalogue of the National Army Museum's military vehicle and artillery collection based at Waiouru in New Zealand. This latest release is a companion volume to our earlier 'On The Wings Of History'.

This is the first time that a comprehensive guide to the Museum's vehicle collection has been published.   


What's Included

This book features over 350 high quality contemporary and archive photos of 54 different military vehicles and 20 artillery pieces that are part of the National Army Museum collection in Waiouru (New Zealand). In addition, the book also takes a brief look at the history of the New Zealand Army, and highlights four of the currently serving New Zealand Army vehicles.

This is a great guide and introduction for anyone interested in the New Zealand Army, and the wide range of vehicles and artillery pieces that have served both in New Zealand, and overseas, over the past 150 years.

This book is:

* A5 in format (7.75" x 8.25")

* Full colour throughout

* Bound, not stapled

* 192 pages long, and

* contains 95 full page (A5) photos + over 250 other photos

We're also offering a special Military Vehicle Twin Pack where you can purchase the book and also receive a copy of our 'WW2 Tracked Carriers In New Zealand' DVD for a special low price:

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This is an example of the additional video material you can view after you've scanned the appropriate QR Code on each of the vehicle pages in the book.

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An innovative feature of the book is the liberable use of QR codes on the pages describing each vehicle. Scan these with your smartphone or tablet and you'll be immediately taken to a web page containing links to the vehicle in question which contains video clips of either the Museum's example, or other vehicles of the same type, and additional information.

These extra pages will be added to and modified over time, with new videos and information added as it comes to hand.


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