Just Like The Movie 'Top Gun'

Six Warbird Jet Fighter/Trainers On A Hot Tarmac

If you like the intense opening scenes of the movie Top Gun, then you'll love this video of six vintage warbird jet fighter trainers taxiing and then taking off on a stinking hot New Zealand day...

Three Aero Albatros L-39s, a BAC Strikemaster, and two de Havilalnd T-115 Vampire jets taxi on the tarmac at Hood Aerodrome in Masterton, New Zealand, in prepartion for a massed streaming jet takeoff...   Photo: Historical Aviation Film Unit


Streaming Jet Takeoff

It's a hot summer day and the air above the tarmac is shimmering and dancing as the high pitched whine of six jet engiens draws ever closer and closer. First up three Aero Albatros L-39 jet trainers pull around at the end of the runway and line-up for take-off. These are followed by an ex-Royal New Zealand Air Force BAC Strikemaster, and then by a pair of vintage de Havilland Vampire jets -- examples of the some of first jet aircraft operated by the RNZAF in the 1950's.

Once the all clear is given by Air Traffic Control, the pilots of each of these magnificent machines thrust the throttle toward its maximum reach and the aircraft thunder down the runway one after the other in a scene reminiscent of a streaming takeoff from an aircraft carrier...

Reminiscent of Top Gun, you need to crank up the volume of your sound system while you're watching this video...

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These jet aircraft are all owned and operated by members of the New Zealand Warbirds Association, and they're regularly displays at events and airshows around New Zealand. This video was shot during one of the biennial Wings Over Wairarapa airshows held in Masteron, New Zealand.


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