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WW2 German Helmets Make Great Kitchen Colanders

You can see one of these colanders at Das Bunker

'Das Bunker' is collector Andy Wickens' personal military museum, and for anyone interested in military memorabilia it's worth a stop if you're in the Kapiti Coast area, just north of New Zealand's capital city Wellington.

Just a part of the collection at Das Bunker. We sometimes wonder how Andy managed to get this 20mm Oerlikon gun into his museum!  Photo: © Historical Aviation Film Unit

Andy has had a life-long interest in collecting Military artifacts, and he's well presented his collection in 'Das Bunker', his custom-built semi underground Bunker/Museum. If you have an interest in Military history, WWI or WWII you will love Das Bunker.

Das Bunker is a non-profit boutique Military Museum and is open to the public by appointment only. Some of the display items are on loan, while others have been donated, but the bulk of the collection is owned by Andy/Das Bunker.

Part of the Das Bunker arms collection. Andy makes a conscious effort to recover and preserve as much New Zealand history as possible. Some time ago when the New Zealand Defence Force were retiring their Sig pistols and Steyr rifles from service, Das Bunker made sure to obtain at least one of each to save some of this military history from the grinder!   Photo: Copyright © Historical Aviation Film Unit

Some visitors have been so impressed with they collection they've asked to make a donation, and that's always appreciated. Andy is clear that none of the donated items are ever re-sold, and is at pains to point out that the museum is not a money making facility/operation.

If you have an interest in military history, the First World War or World War Two, then you'll love Das Bunker.

In this video Andy talks about his museum and collection, and discusses how and why German helmets from the Second World War were transformed into kitchen colanders after the war.

Open by appointment only. Telephone to book a visit +64 27 445 0940, or contact Andy via the Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/Dasbunkerraumatibeach.

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