Other Merchandise

Via our Spring storefront we can (and do) produce a varietry of other merchandise items that you may like and/or find useful. As with the apparel a small percentage of the profits from these items are returned to HAFU, so if you purchase anything from the online merch store it is directly supporting us and helping us to continue to do the filem and video perservcation work that we're doing for your enjoyment.

We're happy to produce mugs/posters and other items for you with any of our still photos (or even one of your own photos), so if you've seen one you like and you'd like it printed, email us and well sort it out for you.

Shipping to New Zealand and Australia

These items are produced in the USA or Europe and the fact is, global shipping is expensive. We have no control over these costs (imposed by Spring), and while it may make the items individually expensive for southern hemisphere customers, please bear in mind that you support is greatly appreciated.