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Glenbrook Vintage Railway Silver Jubilee Festival of Steam

The Glenbrook Vintage Railway is a heritage railway located in Glenbrook, New Zealand. It operates on a section of the former Waiuku Branch railway line, which was originally opened in 1922 and closed in 1967. The Glenbrook Vintage Railway was established in 1970 with the aim of preserving and restoring New Zealand's railway heritage.

JA 1250 roars past during the Silver Jubilee Festival of Steam.  Photo: © Majik Video Systems

This video produced by Majik Video Systems highlights the activities at Glenbrook during the railway venture's 25th Anniversary celebration in 2022.

The railway operates a variety of vintage steam and diesel locomotives, as well as historic carriages and wagons. Visitors can take a ride on the railway and experience the sights, sounds, and smells of a bygone era of New Zealand's railway history. The railway also offers special events and experiences throughout the year, such as themed train rides and dining experiences.

Glenbrook Vintage Railway has the following steam rolling stock:

JA 1250 (ex New Zealand Railways) 4-8-2 tender. Built 1949 by Hillside Workshops in Dunedin, JA 1250 was purchased by Phil Goldman in 1972. Returned to service in 1982 and operated the first excursion on the mainline by steam power in 1985, after running regularly on the mainline network all over New Zealand 1250 was withdrawn in 1992 and a major overhaul started in 1995 and completed in 1998. At Phil Goldman's death in 2007, the locomotive was bequeathed to the GVR, and was subsequently withdrawn in 2017 and is currently under overhaul.

No. 1 – WW 480 (ex New Zealand Railways) 4-6-4T tank. Built 1910 by Hillside Workshops in Dunedin, purchased by the GVR in 1969, returned to service at the Papakura locomotive depot in 1976. 480 operated until 1997 and was overhauled until 2002, withdrawn for mechanical repairs and returned to service in March 2013. Pulled back out of service in May later that year due to the condition of the boiler. A new boiler was built for 480 and the loco attained her boiler ticket on 24 May 2018 and is now in service.

No. 2 – WW 644 (ex New Zealand Railways) 4-6-4T tank. Built 1915 by Hillside Workshops in Dunedin, returned to service in 2007. The locomotive is now under overhaul getting a new boiler and left hand cylinder fitted.

No. 4 – Ex-Taupo Totara Timber Co. Mallet No. 7, 2-4-4-2 tender locomotive. Built in 1912 by the American Locomotive Company at Schenectady, New York, GVR No. 4 is known as the railway's flagship engine. It is NZ's only Mallet Compound Steam Engine. GVR No. 4 last worked in 2001 and has been stored since, occasionally it is brought out of storage for display at various events, such as its 100th birthday in 2012 when it was displayed in the private siding at Glenbrook and was given a cosmetic do over for the railway's 40th Anniversary in 2017, where it was propelled into Glenbrook station to recreate the official opening in 1977.

F 233 (ex New Zealand Railways) 0-6-0T tank. Built in 1885 by Robert Stephenson at Newcastle upon Tyne, F 233 was either purchased from or donated by AFFCo Southdown in 1964 and went on display at the former Onehunga Railway Station in Alfred St (the RES clubrooms) until 1984. It is stored at the Pukeoware workshops, carrying the name 'Ada'. The locomotive is unique in having a non-standard saddle tank.

At Easter 2002 railfans travelled to Glenbrook (New Zealand) from all around the country to see a grand cavalcade of locomotives along with traction engines, steam boats, and ploughing by vintage tractors and Clydesdale teams.

Diesel engines are also featured in this film.  

In addition to its railway operations, the Glenbrook Vintage Railway also has a museum that showcases New Zealand's railway heritage, including historic locomotives, rolling stock, and other artifacts. The museum is open to the public and provides a fascinating glimpse into the history of New Zealand's railways.

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