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Our on-going mission statement is to continue to discover, record and preserve the audiovisual history of the machines and owner/operators that we come across, for the benefit of future generations. We hunt out and film all manner of aircraft, military vehicles, vintage cars, trains, boats, big machinery, and, basically anything and anyone that interests us (and usually other people as well).

A World War 2-era Hawker Hurricane with two Avro Lancaster bombers, as seen at a small airfield in Britain. Previously unseen footage of these aircraft will soon be published on HMTV.  Historical Aviation Film Unit

When we originally started what would become the Historical Aviation Film Unit back in 2001, our goal was to film some historical aircraft and vehicles, because we knew and understood that you only get one chance to record history as it's happening.

The result of that effort was the Classic Fighters Marlborough 2001 Airshow video, which you'll find in its complete form on Historical Machines TV, where you can sit back and watch it in all its original glory. That footage is now over twenty years old, and quite a few of the aircraft featured are no longer airworthy, or even exist, and so that material is historic in its own right.

While some of our material has been previously published on our Historical Machines Freeview (YouTube) channel, in future the bulk of our new material, and much of our archive footage will only be available on our streaming service: Historical Machines TV.

For less than the price of a single cup of coffee every month, you can join our community of enthusiasts who understand and appreciate the importance of recording history in this way; you can access and watch most of our full DVD releases, and you'll be able to warch lots of other footage which has not been previously released eleswhere.

Allan Udy, one of the founders of the Historical Aviation Film Unit, provides a short introduction to Historical Machines TV, and the reason why HAFU has such a huge video (and photograph) archive.

But don't take our word for it -- you can check it out for yourself by jumping on over to Historical Machines TV, browse through our ever-growing catalog of content, and sign up for a free 7-day trial.

Click the video link below to watch the short trailer video:

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