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Buy a share in this historic DH.83 Fox Moth

Originally purchased new by the Marlborough Aero Club in 1947, De Havilland DH.83 Fox Moth ZK-APT was successfully operated by the club for 16 years until 1963 when it was damaged during a forced landing in a famers paddock. In 2019 the aircraft finally returned to its original home at Omaka Aerodrome, and now you have the opportunity to buy a share in this historic aircraft.

de Havilland Fox Moth ZK-APT taking off from Nelson Airport.  Photo © Cody Forward. Used with permission.

PMH Aviation, based at Omaka Aerodrome in Blenheim (New Zealand), currently own the aircraft, affectionately known as 'Foxy', and have been operating ‘Vintage Over the Vintage’ flights from the base at Omaka (referring to the fact the vintage aircraft operates over the wine growing region of Marlborough). PMH started the business just six months before Covid hit in early 2020, and as such the last several years have been challenging, and now the company has decided to close their doors.

The aircraft was briefly advertised for sale on Trade Me (NZ's version of eBay), but as owner Paul Hally says:

"... we struggled with listing her and have actually withdrawn her from sale. It just didn’t feel right and part of the reason we purchased 'Foxy' was to bring her home to Marlborough. After much soul searching and discussions with Foxy we came to the conclusion that we think the best option is to syndicate her."
"She has a large history both in Marlborough and NZ, is in many people's log books and loved whereever she goes. We feel a syndicate would not only embrace her history but also provide a future for Foxy, sharing her with more people, flying on Tiger Rally’s, families enjoying her and so on, while still being based at her home in Omaka."

de Havilland Fox Moth ZK-APT over Marlborough.   Photo supplied.

PMH Aviation are establishing a syndicate called the ‘Vintage Marlborough Aviators Club Syndicate’ in which there will be a total of ten shares, each valued at NZ$25,000. There will be a small monthly fee for insurance, maintenance and annual CAA levy fee, and as Foxy has her own modern Gipsy Garage the syndicate will not have to pay for hangarage. Flying costsare to be paid for by each member (e.g fuel, oil and fuel additive - the aircraft runs on 91 octane fuel).

You do not have to be a pilot to purchase a share in Foxy, however should you wish to purchase a share in Foxy and actively fly her you will need to meet the following requirements:

  * Current NZ pilots licence

  * Current NZ medical

  * No accidents or insurance claims that would exclude you from being able to hold insurance on the aircraft policy for Foxy

  * Must be or become a member of the Marlborough Aero Club

  * Must hold a tail wheel rating

  * Must have 5+ hours on type (Fox Moth) or Tiger Moth or other biplane tail wheel aircraft

  * Must have or get a Fox Moth rating

For those people that do not have a Fox Moth rating, the Marlborough Aero Club do have an experienced A Cat instructor at Omaka with a rating in ZK-APT who would be able to rate you on type (at your cost or course).

Pip Hally says

"People should not under estimate how rare this opportunity is, as there are only about 10 Fox Moths left flying globally. Foxy is a very special aircraft who brings a lot of joy to people and we are pretty sure that this is the only syndicate option for a Fox Moth any where in the world."

Foxy is seen here flying over and landing at Omaka Aerodrome during the Marlborough Aero Club's 90th birthday celebrations, several years ago.

For any further information or questions about the syndicate please email:

Feel free to forward this information to any one who you think may be interested in a share of this historic aircraft.

‘Foxy’ is a 1947 De Havilland DH.83c Fox Moth (ZK APT)

  * Airframe TT = 5222.80

  * Engine 926 TSO / 49 TS top overhaul

  * Prop 343 TSO (calendar due March 2025)

  * New ADSB, new radio

  * Always hangared

  * Maintained to NZ CAA Rule Part 115 standard

The aircraft is able to comfortably seat two passengers in the front cockpit.   Photo Supplied.

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