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Wings Over Wairarapa Air Festival

Every Two Years This Awesome Airshow Takes To The Skies

Every two years the Wings Over Wairarapa Air Festival features WWI and WWII fighters, agricultural aircraft, helicopters, military and civil aircraft, both on static display and in the skies. The Royal New Zealand Air Force is also a key feature of the weekend and they often display some of their aircraft and their capabilities.

An Aero L-39 Albatros jet fighter trainer swoops overhead as it's about to land at Hood Aerodrome in Masterton, New Zealand at a previous Wings Over Wairarapa show. The Albatros was a trainer used extensively by Warsaw Pact countries to train their fighter pilots, and you'll often see one or two of these awesome warbirds at Wings Over Wairarapa.  Photo: © Historical Aviation Film Unit

The Wings Over Wairarapa team at Hood Aerodrome in Masterton (New Zealand) are celebrated 20 years of awesome airshow events in 2019. WOW is unlike any other aviation event -- the Wairarapa scenery provides a stunning backdrop to an extravaganza of aerial action over three days.

The Vintage Aviator Ltd often shows off their collection of First World War aircraft, which without doubt is the largest flying collection of WWI aircraft in the world. Many of these aircraft can only be seen here, at their home base of Hood Aerodrome in Masterton.

The show also features civil, military and agricultural aircraft, gyrocopters and helicopters, and aircraft from the Royal New Zealand Air Force.

Static displays include the opportunity to get up close with aircraft, emergency services displays, delicious food and wine and market stalls.

This highlights reel shows some of the awesome aviation action that has been seen at previous Wings Over Wairarapa shows. The next airshow will be held in 2021.

If you're looking for a great way to spend a few days in one of New Zealand's awesome holiday destinations, you could do a lot worse than heading to Masterton for the next Wings Over Wairarapa Air Festival, find out about other local attractions, and book your tickets for what's sure to be an awesome weekend in the Wairarapa district.

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